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We chose green as our colour.

For years Teknomast Srl has been committed to a comprehensive environmental policy.
This policy starts within the company, involving all of the employees, and expands to the external environment. Starting in April 2011, Teknomast has been contributing to the production of clean energy through a photovoltaic plant capable of producing up to 109 kW. Most of the energy that is currently acquired from the free market comes from renewable sources.


For over 5 years, even before legislation made it mandatory, the Teknomast Masterbatch unit completely interrupted the production and distribution of masterbatches that contain heavy metals such as chrome, lead, cadmium, etc.
All pigments processed are suitable for contact with food.

The staff

Respect for the environment starts inside. Employees work in an environment free from impurities thanks to an aspiration and filter system that allows for collection and storage.

Continuous technician updates allow the preparation of documentation that certifies complete compliance with Italian and European legislation regarding materials and machinery standards. The electrical systems are continuously monitored to prevent energy waste due to current dispersion or inefficiency of electrical components. Any materials that could be harmful to individuals were completely eliminated in the company a long time ago. Today Teknomast has an insulated sheet roof with an excellent coefficient of insulation.