Products lines


Chromavinil is a line of masterbatches in which selected pigments are dispersed in plasticized PVC, based on the performance required by the customer.
Based on the shore hardness of the customer’s compound, a PVC with a shore hardness of 65 or 54 can be chosen.
A PVC with a shore hardness of 65 can be used for both plasticized PVC and rigid PVC applications without altering the physical and mechanical characteristics of the final product.
In line with the policy of safeguarding the environment and the health of the workers, Teknomast uses a DOP-free PVC with less than 0.1% phthalates, suitable for child-care items and compliant with the current Reach legislation.
The goal in creating this product was to create a universal line, offering the possibility of operating with different types of resins.